Axiom P cushion (positioning)

Positioning doesn't have to be so hard.

Axiom S cushion (skin protection)

A Skin Protection cushion offering the Axiom Difference

Axiom SP visco cushion (with viscoelastic foam insert)

Axiom SP Visco takes advantage of the Axiom Difference

Body Point Postural Components

Why Positioning Matters Discover the importance of safety, function, comfort and a sense of well being

Jay Cushions & Backrests

Jay Cushions and Backrests can accommodate a wide range of seating requirements.

Ride Forward Cushions

With so many Ride cushions and backs available, please contact our office for the correct brochure

Ride Java Back Supports

The simplest, most accurate and fully adjustable line of back supports.

Ride Java cushions

Java cushions work by redistributing the forces of pressure and shear away from high risk areas.

Ride Java Decaf Back

Couple the Decaf Back with your Ride Cushion of choice for benefits not found in planar or other seating systems

Ride Custom Moulded Seating

“Ride Custom 2 Cushion and Custom Back shapes. It's faster, simpler, and incredibly accurate.... RideWorks®

ROHO Cushions

ROHO provides superior quality products and support worldwide.

Sedeo Seating System for Quickie Power Chairs

Good seating starts with the personal needs of the client. Ergonomic seating is the basis of an optimal mobility solution.

Spex Comfi Back Support

The Spex Comfi back support foam system was developed to provide a simplistic and affordable approach to basic contouring needs while coupling this with Air-Flow technology.

Spex Seating

Spex accomplishes what the seating clinician desires, and what the user needs

Spex Super Shape Back

Wheelchair back support with extreme contouring capabilities.

Spex SuperHigh Step Cushion

The latest addition to the Spex cushion family is our Spex SuperHigh Step, developed from therapist and client feedback.

Stealth Cushions

Solutions for Life

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