RAC Wheels2go Program

The RAC Wheels2go gives members peace of mind for their continued mobility. Should they need it, help is only a phone call away.

For assistance at any time simply call 13 11 11.

Depending on your breakdown situation we will:

  • Send out an RAC Patrol to assist, or;
  • Arrange a taxi to help you reach your destination safely.

In most cases, a Patrol is able to replace a flat battery or flat tyre, provided that you have a spare one on hand. Where possible, we recommend that you carry your own puncture repair kit and spare tyre or tyre tube, as well as arranging for access to a spare usable battery, as Patrols will not have these on hand. Should the Patrol need to work on your mobility device, it is important that you are able to safely vacate it on your own or have a friend or carer available to help you.

If a Patrol is unable to assist in your breakdown situation, we will arrange a taxi for you. Your Wheels2go membership entitles you to five (5) taxi trips a year valued at up to $55 per trip, to a total of no more than $275 for the membership year.

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