Power Wheelchairs

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 4×4 Power chair

Off-road and off the map!

Magic Mobility Frontier V4 Front Wheel Drive

The Magic Mobility Front Wheel Drive (FWD) is a great choice for those who want a more compact footprint, yet maintain excellent off-road capability

Magic Mobility Frontier V4 Rear Wheel Drive

Adventure gained, nothing lost!

Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain

For ultimate outdoor adventure!

Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact 40

Power in a compact package

Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact 73

The ultimate urban compact!

Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Hybrid

For the best of both worlds!

Permobil F3 Corpus

The F3 base offers the smallest footprint of Permobil's redesigned series of front wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its size and agility lets users move quickly in and out of tight spaces like busy city streets and crowded areas.

Permobil F5 Corpus

The F5 Corpus is a durable, powerful and stable front wheel drive power wheelchair combined with the best seating system on the market – the Corpus seat

Permobil F5 Corpus VS

We combined all of the features of the world-renown Corpus seating system, along with standing functionality. With the F5 Corpus VS, users may stand and drive at any point of the stand sequence.

Permobil K300 PS Jr.

With Permobil's K300PS Junior, cool kids of all sizes can get in on the action. The K300 comes with a standard adult power base and the expandable seat pan allows for a custom fit no matter how fast the child grows

Permobil Koala Miniflex

Designed to grow with a child for years to come, the KOALA Miniflex is the ideal paediatric wheelchair for toddlers.

Permobil M3 Corpus

Your world within reach!

Pride Go-Chair NG

Get out in style with the All-New Go-chair, New dual under seat compartments for convenient storage.

Pride Jazzy 1450

Unique design delivers high-performance operation indoors and out.

Pride Jazzy 623

The JAZZY 623 is engineered to meet the needs of the most active user

Pride Jazzy Air

Jazzy Air is the new era in Power Mobility, Elevating in just 16 seconds.

Pride Jazzy Select 6

The JAZZY Select 6 is a great all round indoor and out power chair

Pride R44

Striking Performance Rear-wheel Drive with its stylish, sleek design and a standard speed of up to 9.65 km/h (6 mph), the R44 is a superior power chair for even the most active clients.

Quantum 4 Front

Dedicated to revolutionising the Power Chair experience

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