Zeat Seat

AVAILABLE FOR TRIAL !! New Look Zeat Seat !! Not your average special needs seat.

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The Zeat Seat is a modular seating solution for indoor activities for children with special needs, that need that extra support.

Activities that can seem a challenge become a breeze with the Zeat Seat in the home. Whether that be tea time, play time or learning/therapy time. This seat has you covered.


The Zeat Seat is extremely adjustable. This means that it can be used for a variety of activities and suits a wide range of clients.

  • Backrest angle adjustable
  • Seat angle adjustable
  • Seat height adjustable (seat can be set low to the floor)
  • Laterals can be removed if not needed


Children from 6 month to adolescent are sorted in the Zeat Seat with its huge range of adjustable settings with just an alen key.

Wipe Down:

The Zeat Seat upholstery is made from soft touch Dartex which is easily wiped down.

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