TRIVIDA Wheelchair Wheel

The trivida® wheel facilitates mobility for wheelchair users in everyday life. Daily transfers between wheelchair and bed, toilet or shower stool, couch, chair, stair lift or car seat require less energy and are therefore easier.

With newly acquired mobility, wheelchair users can handle everyday life more independently and enjoy a better quality of life. With increasing inclusion in the public sphere mobile transfers
become more and more important. Whether visiting a beer garden, restaurant, cinema or theatre, the trivida® wheel allows for a less physically stressful and more dignified seat to seat transfer. As such, this innovative, new product is contributing joy and goodwill throughout the community.

Family and friends of wheelchair users may be required to assist with transfers to and from the chair. Depending on the level of mobility of the wheelchair user, this can become a permanent strain on the back, particularly for carers over the long term. With the wheel from trivida®, wheelchair users are less reliant on assistance. In fact, depending on their level of mobility, they may even manage the transfer
entirely by themselves. A great relief for loved ones and for the person in the wheelchair too, the trivida® wheel can help create a sense of fun and relaxation more often.


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