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TiLite AERO Z Series 2

The open frame of the aluminum Aero Z calls out to the open road.

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The Ti-Lite Aero Z Series 2 applies the technology and design from the titanium ZR series with the use of aerospace grade Aluminium. The Aero Z is the answer for people seeking the ultra-portability of a cantilevered design combined with full adjustability and Ti-Lite’s legendary smooth ride. The Aero Z is available in small sizes for kids with seat depth growth option, as well as with Transit Tie Downs. Ring a TiLite dealer for details on the fantastic new pricing for the AERO Z.

TiLite always focuses on three pillars of design: Function, Materials and Aesthetics. We understand how these pillars interact and work in harmony to create a superior chair. Because we know that choice matters, within each of these pillars we provide as many options as possible so that the choice rests with you. Our goal will always be to build the best possible manual mobility. We will never settle for less. Will you

The Aero Z is Handmade to exacting precision from aerospace grade aluminium.

Aero Z Weight (excluding rear wheels) approx 5.1kgs.

Available with 70, 75, 80, 85 or 90 degree front frame angle.

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TiLite coloursTiLite Frame colours


New Glide® Front Suspension Fork  – the Glide front suspension fork will be exclusive to TiLite chairs for at least the next 6 months. As many of you will know there have been a number of issues with the existing supplier of front suspension forks. The Glide forks have been developed and designed for TiLite wheelchairs for those who like front suspension forks. The Glide suspension fork is available in either single arm or dual arm models. For more information on the Glide suspension forks click here
NiteLite Reflective Back Upholstery – This back upholstery option has a silver coloured 3M Scotchlite™ high visibility reflective material making the wheelchair visible at dawn, dusk, night and in all weather conditions. This option is available on all models.
Black Hard Anodised Hand Rims – These black handrims are type 3 anodised which results in a much tougher, stronger anodised finish to reduce chipping and scratching. Also, we have found with the softer aluminium handrims, the anodising wears off over time and users end up with black hands. The silver anodised rims are still standard no charge, the black hard anodised is an upcharge option.
Titanium Rounded Rigidiser Bar – the upcharge option of a rounded titanium rigidiser bar and backrest is now available on TR, TRA, Aero T, ZR, ZRA and Aero Z model wheelchairs. The rounded rigidiser bar gives a clean rounded look that compliments the stylised look of a TiLite frame.
New Grip™ Board – a rigid, non slip multi use pad, designed to be the ideal platform for transporting items such as heated foods, drinks, electronics, school/workplace material, mobile phone and other items while performing ADLs. Measures 28cm x 38.5cmm (11” x 14”). This is something wheelchair users will use every day! Available on all order forms.
Zero Play Aluminium Camber Plugs – These plugs give a much tighter feel to the chair, like sports suspension in a car. CNC machined from billet aluminium to the highest tolerance, Zero Play camber plugs remove side to side movement of the rear wheels. Available on all rigid chair models as a no charge option in 0, 2, 4 and 6 degrees. Note, spacers cannot be used to widen the chair if this option is selected.
Transit Options on ZRA and Aero Z Wheelchairs– The Aero Z and ZRA now have both Tie Down Brackets and Transport Bracket Options on their order forms. Tie Down Brackets have been crash tested and should be used whenever someone will be transported in a vehicle whilst still in their wheelchair. Transport Brackets HAVE NOT been crash tested, and are for securing unoccupied wheelchairs in vehicles.
Also available with adjustable seat depth for peadiatric growth.
• TiLite innovation in design (the first to make this option), an optional flip back footplate for standing transfers!       


Available in a wide variety of colours.

A huge range of accessories and options are available with your Ti-Lite wheelchair, including soft roll front casters, Natural Fit Handrims, ROHO cushions, Jetstream Pro Back Support, anti-tip castors, anodized colours on front casters and camber bar, Spinergy rear wheels and much more.

Anodized Package Colours

Frame Colours




Custom built and hand made from aluminium, the Aero Z Series 2 is a fully adjustable ultra light fixed wheelchair frame which provides the ultimate ride for the new or experienced wheelchair user.
For the wheelchair user who requires minimal weight with maximum efficiency and comfort. An ultra-light wheelchair set-up properly will reduce long term shoulder damage.


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