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Head Support vs. Head Positioning

When Stealth Products was first introduced to the market back in 1999, the only product produced
was a sophisticated head positioning system well ahead of its years, the Ultra QCR. In the world of
complex rehab, each individual presents their own unique challenges for support and positioning
due to the vast number of diagnosis’s and injuries. Over the years Stealth Products has upgraded
and added to its arsenal key products to help support individuals with this battle. With a wide range
of products designed to solve any control or positioning puzzle, Stealth Products has distinguished
itself from the rest of the pack as the leader in posterior head support and positioning.

Head Support Systems

Posterior head supports are designed to cradle the head and
are primarily used as a resting spot with nominal lateral support.
Stealth Products offers a variety of posterior head supports at an
affordable price!

Head Positioning Systems

Head, neck, and shoulder positioning can be one of the most
difficult challenges we face. Stealth Products offers an array of
products to solve these most difficult needs. With our intuitive
technology and sleek design, you can rest assured that the most
targeted position can be achieved.

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