Ride Custom Moulded Seating

“Ride Custom 2 Cushion and Custom Back shapes. It's faster, simpler, and incredibly accurate.... RideWorks®

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No more plaster or impression foam simulators! The Ride Custom 2 Cushion and Ride Custom Back simulation can now be completed with a dual bead-bag and vacuum system. The patent-pending Shape Capture Base, coupled with the seat bead bag, helps to stabilize the pelvis while the bead bag is malleable, and enhances shape accuracy. The Shape Capture Base also creates the necessary reference for the seat contour orientation. No need for laser levels, putty or roping.

Fast, accurate and safe. Capture shapes, draw trim-lines directly on the bead bags and then let the new RideWorks app and scanner guide you through the rest. A fresh outer simulation bag for each simulation helps prevent cross-contamination and infection.

RideWorks. In minutes, Ride’s exclusive app organizes the process of client photos, scanning, and order form completion — all of which are then transmitted to Ride Designs via the internet with secure encryption.


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