Leckey Advance Bath Chair

Support when things get slippery with the LECKEY Advance Bath Chair

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Available in four different sizes, the LECKEY Advance Bath Chair makes bath time safe and fun while still meeting an individual’s postural needs.

Simple and easy to use adjustments mean that this positional bath chair can be set up in a variety of positions in seconds depending on the user’s postural requirements.

Through easy to use levers the height and angle of the LECKEY Advance Bath Chair can be easily adjusted to provide the optimal height for the career and bathroom facilities whilst offering optimum postural support for the user.

Through an adjustable hip and chest strap combined with an optional head brace the LECKEY Advance Bath Chair offers adequate positional support during bathing, whilst providing a safe and secure experience.

The non-slip footings are included to provide added safety in wet areas allowing bathing to be less stressful and more fun!


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