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Ki Mobility Catalyst 5Vx

From the logo to the frame, Catalyst 5Vx has been redesigned with a modern, minimalist approach. Enhanced designs let you optimize your ride.

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Funding for center of gravity (CG) can get complicated and costly. The Catalyst 5Vx makes it a little easier. The VX has the performance you have come to expect from a Catalyst, with a little bit less adjustment of the axle plate and few less options. The Catalyst 5Vx is super light weight and reasonably priced .


The Catalyst Difference
Catalyst 5Vx takes advantage of all of the “Catalyst Difference” design features to allow you to fit, adjust and ride with confidence.  A defining characteristic of each chair is its axle plate which we will highlight below.Vertical Axle Plate
Center of gravity adjustment is important for optimizing wheelchair performance. The Catalyst 5Vx, with all the performance you have come to expect from a Catalyst, offers a three position CG adjustment and affordability in an extremely light (24 lbs.*), portable and high performance chair.Front Frame Styles
Catalyst 5Vx offers the option of a swing away front end featuring our patented footrests or 70° or 80° fixed frames.  The swing away hangers come in 4 bends (60°, 70°, 80° & 90°) are light and easy to use and so strong we offer a lifetime warranty.

WC-19 Transit Approved
Transit Tested and approved. User weight capacity up to 300lbs.

Tension Adjustable Upholstery
Tension back upholstery option helps support both the trunk and pelvis with virtually infinite adjustment of Velcro straps. Adjustment is easy and enables users to accommodate a wide range of back support needs as they change over time.

Wheelchairs Are About Wheels
The Catalyst 5Vx offers Ki Mobilitys full line of specially designed Ki spoke wheels with precision machined hubs and hard anodized handrims.  Utilizing straight pull spokes this wheel promotes a stiffer and stronger wheel while the hard anodize handrim is resistant to scratching so they keep that “NEW” look longer.  We also offer the full array of industry standard wheels and casters such as Spinergy, Natural Fit, Frog Legs and Topolino.

Mags Can Be High Performance Too
Ki Mobility proudly offers the ultra-sleek and lightweight X-Coretm mags.  These wheels have far greater stiffness and rigidity than conventional mags while keeping the weight to only 1 lb. more than spokes. Now available in 20″ and 24″ and coming soon in 22″.

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