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The new twion power assist offers new freedom and maximum independence. The electric motors equipped with leading-edge digital electronics provide you with extra power for every propelling movement. The sensor fitted to the hand rim calculates precisely the right amount of support.
The silent direct drive ensures high agility and simple handling. You are actively on the move and reach your destination quickly, efficiently and calmly.

Faster and further: The dynamic motors accelerate the wheelchair up to 6 km/h (optionally 10 km/h*). So you can really get going and enjoy the ride. The efficient energy recovery system feeds energy back into the batteries during braking, providing a 10% range extension for greater freedom.

* With Mobility Plus package. Country-specific road traffic laws must be observed.

Cars play a central role in our mobile world and have become indispensable companions. Sophisticated twion technology creates an ideal combination of cars or public transport with maximum flexibility. The wheels can easily be detached at the press of a button for compact loading. In the selection of materials, particular attention was focused on weight. High-tensile aluminium alloys, high-tech plastics and the latest digital motor technology have been used. The result: at 6 kg*, including battery, the wheels are a lightweight.

* Depending on the equipment version.
Technical data:    twion
Speed – up to 10 km/h  with optional Mobility Plus package Climbing and braking ability

The limit values of the wheelchair manufacturer should be observed.

Range – up to 20 km depending on ground surface, weight of user, temperature and topography
Wheel size- 24”
Max. weight of the person – 120 kg
Max. permitted total weight – 145 kg (twion, wheelchair and wheelchair driver)
Batteries – 37 V. 4.5 Ah, lithium-ion, leakproof and maintenance free
Special functions – cruise mode function with optional Mobility Plus package
Weight of individual parts – T24
Drive wheel (including battery) – 6.3 kg (standard model)
Total weight of all components: – 12.0 kg (standard model)

twion is recognised by health insurance companies and complies with the EC Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices

Certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 for medical devices.


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