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Leckey Pal Classroom Chair

This classroom seat is designed to provide improved stability, which helps reduces fatigue, enhances concentration and improves fine motor activity.

Leckey Pronestander

Prone for success with this angle adjustable stander

Leckey Sleepform

Sleep with peace of mind with this moulded Sleep Support System by LECKEY

Leckey Squiggles Seating system

Ultimate combination of postural seating and everyday comfort for a growing child.

Leckey Squiggles Stander

The therapy stander has a large growth range for kids aged 1 - 5 years and is available with a range of indoor and outdoor mobile bases.

Leckey Totstander

The Totstander is a simple and easy to use upright stander that can be used as an evaluation tool for therapists to assess a child’s standing ability.

Magic Mobility Extreme X8 4×4 Power chair

Off-road and off the map!

Magic Mobility Frontier V4 Front Wheel Drive

For the road less travelled.

Magic Mobility Frontier V4 Rear Wheel Drive

Adventure gained, nothing lost!

Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain

For ultimate outdoor adventure!

Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact 40

Power in a compact package

Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact 73

The ultimate urban compact!

Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Hybrid

For the best of both worlds!

Magic Mobility Magic 360

Go your own way!

Merits 8″ Walker

This lightweight aluminium walker has a flip-up padded backrest, adjustable handle height, loop style lockable brakes, and a covered vinyl carry bag that folds with the walker when in a folded position.

Merits Lightweight Transit Wheelchair

The Merits Lightweight Transit Wheelchair: For comfort and convenience to go!

Neat Zeat Seat

The Neat Zeat is a modular indoor seating solution.

Nimbo Walker

The Nimbo offers the best in rehabilitation and support as a mobility aid. Available in 4 different height sizes

OttoBock – Start 4 M2S (Standard)

Lighter, more functional , more versatile.

OttoBock Avantgarde 4

Convincingly light

OttoBock Discovery

The DISCOVERY is an exceptionally stable and versatile base, able to accommodate a range of seating shells and other seating systems

OttoBock Kimba Neo

Parents want only the best for their children and the Kimba Neo buggy will satisfy the exact needs of their child and the circustances of their family

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