Our Products

Airgo eXcursion X18 Small height Rollator

The lightest side-fold Rollator around!

Airgo Ultralight Walker – only available in pictured colour

The lightest rollator available: a breeze to lift up and take anywhere!

Alber e-fix E35

Alber E-fix converts a manual chair into a lightweight power wheelchair.

Alber e-motion M25

Power at your hands!

Alber e-pilot

Speed up your life!

Alber twion

Pushing the limits!

Axiom G cushion (general use)

A feature-rich, premium general use cushion that is anything but Basic.

Axiom P cushion (positioning)

Positioning doesn't have to be so hard.

Axiom S cushion (skin protection)

A Skin Protection cushion offering the Axiom Difference

Axiom SP visco cushion (with viscoelastic foam insert)

Axiom SP Visco takes advantage of the Axiom Difference

Body Point Postural Components

Why Positioning Matters Discover the importance of safety, function, comfort and a sense of well being

Dreamline Wheelchair Seating

Adjustability without compromise!

Firefly GoTo & Splashy BackPack

A lightweight Backpack designed specifically to make getting around with your GoTo or Splashy easier than ever!

Firefly GoTo Base

Adjustable seats for kids with 'can go' attitudes. - Now available with optional GoTo Seat cushion

Firefly GoTo Pressure Relief Cushion

The GoTo Pressure Cushion has been designed to provide your child with pressure relieving comfort as well as additional postural support and pelvic stability.

Firefly GoTo Vinyl

The NEW GoTo vinyl seat is water resistant, durable, wipe clean material that is soft to touch and in a vibrant new colour too.

Firefly GottaGo toilet seat

Toilet time made easy, home and away.

Firefly Playpak

The Firefly Playpak is a portable activity kit that helps children with special needs develop through play. It also comes with an Online Therapy Booklet featuring expert advice and instructions to help parents perform developmental games with their child.

Firefly Scooot

Scooot 3-in-1 mobility rider lets children with special needs play, explore and participate in ways that suit their physical and cognitive ability.

Firefly Splashy

For bath, play and getaways

Firefly Upsee

The Upsee is for children with motor impairments, the Upsee opens an unexplored world. It can facilitate gradual weight bearing, standing and walking with the assistance of an adult.

FireFly WeGo Stroller

A great NEW folding lightweight push chair.

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